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Graduate Institute of Program in Biomedical Engineering


lFlow Cytometry (Guava® easyCyte Flow Cytometry Systems)
Real-Time PCR Systems (CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System)

lMTS Biaxial material testing machine (Bionix 858, MTS Corp,. MN, USA)

lInstron material testing machine (Model: 5544, Instron Inc., CARTON, MA, USA)

lFonix 7000 Hearing Aid Testing System

lUltrasound scanner (Model 3000, Terason, Burlington, MA, USA) equipped with a 7-MHz linear array transducer (Model 10L5, Terason)

lSonixTOUCH ultrasound system (Ultrasonix Medical Corp., Richmond, BC, Canada)

lcytoFLEX, BeckmanCoulter, life science

lEngraving Machines(EGX), Roland